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  • About Us
    Our job is to help our clients understand ‘how much is enough’. To help them discover their ‘number’. That ‘number’ is the amount they need to keep living the life they want. Because once they understand their ‘number’, we can help them to accumulate it, manage it, protect it and, most importantly, enjoy it before it’s too late! That to us is proper financial planning.
  • Why Collperkins
    We bring clarity and confidence to your life, giving you a clear and comprehensive plan to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations. Not only that, but we remain with you every step of the way, reviewing your objectives and adapting your plans as your circumstances change
  • How we are paid
    At Collperkins, we'll work with you to pave the way for a fresher financial future, and no costs are incurred without prior agreement.
  • Our clients/about you
    We believe there are 3 types of clients: The Not Enoughs, The More Than Enoughs and The Just Rights.

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Lifestyle financial planning

At Collperkins, we believe in doing things differently from your traditional financial adviser. We are focussed on you and your goals; we’re not trying to sell you a financial product. We call this proper financial planning!

How much is enough to ensure that you never have to worry about money?

What needs to happen to secure you and your family’s future?

What’s your number?

Lets have a coffee and a chat

Our job is to help our clients understand 'how much is enough'.

What our client’s say

Mark took great care to explain in detail the process of the proposed investment portfolio. His office staff are well informed and the "Collperkins" team display a very professional approach to financial advising.

Mr B

Professional clear advice.

Local Ltd company

Mark and his team have given me a lot of help and support.

Mrs H

The overall service supplied is invaluable to those new to running their own finances or needing to look after someone else’s finances due to power of attorney or similar.

Mrs T

We are pleased with the way our relationship with Mark is progressing. We feel he has our best intentions at heart. Time permitting we always try to close out agreed actions on advice at our earliest convenience.

Mr W

Mark is always approachable - I know I can call on him at any time. I am very happy with the service.

Mrs B

Mark is very knowledgeable highly experienced and very easy to work with.

Mr H

Mark is an excellent adviser who looks after our interests in all forms. He is always available on call and has our total trust.

Mr W

I find the service we receive from Mark excellent. He listens to what our ultimate financial goals are and offers advice based on this.

Mr F

Our Address

Collperkins Ltd
5 The Gardens, Fareham
PO16 8SS

Tel: 01329 800 024
Fax: 01329 888 971

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For independent financial advice call 01329 800 024 or Email: